Online Therapy

Online Therapy FAQs

What is “teletherapy”?

Online counseling (also known as online therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, video counseling, virtual counseling, etc.) provides a more convenient way of getting support.  Sessions can be held anywhere you have internet access – at home, work, the park, or while traveling.

Is online therapy as effective as in person?

Yes! Research has shown that outcomes are just as good, sometimes better, with therapy online for most people and most treatment approaches. Online therapy also can reduce some barriers to treatment (time spent traveling to and from the office, parking, etc.). 

How does privacy work when meeting online?

I always conduct sessions in a private space to protect your confidentiality.  I use a HIPAA compliant secure video conferencing application. Because you will not be physically located in my office, I strongly recommend you find a private space where no one can hear you.

Will we ever meet in person?

Eventually, I plan to offer an option for in person sessions for folks located in Missoula. At that point in time, I will continue to offer virtual sessions as an option for anyone who prefers it or lives elsewhere in Montana or California. 

Who can be seen?

The same high quality standards of licensure apply when conducting therapy from via video. I am licensed in Montana and California, so I am able to meet with residents who are located anywhere in these two states. There may be certain scenarios where teletherapy is determined to be an inappropriate treatment approach, including if a referral for a higher level of support is needed. Please note, I work specifically with teens and adults. 

Is there a way I can test it out to see how it feels for me? 

Definitely! Book a free video consultation. You will get a feel for working with me and the process for accessing therapy virtually. We will also check in regularly about how the process is working for you.   

Still have questions?

Check out my blog post, 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Therapy or reach out for a consultation and I’d be happy to answer your questions.