How Others Describe Me

“How would you describe me to someone who was considering working with me?”

It can be challenging to talk about yourself and your strengths. As I was struggling with this, I received some advice to ask colleagues who know me well and have worked with me in various clinical settings over the years to answer the above question. I am so grateful they took the time to reflect and share.

Here are their anonymous responses:

“Jaclyn is dedicated, driven and empathetic. She will devote herself to her craft and will make sure she individualizes her therapy for each person and their needs. She will make you feel comfortable and safe.”

“Jaclyn has the ability to listen intently and validate what you are going through without giving unsolicited advice. Being able to turn to her has truly helped me navigate the adversity and life changes that I’ve gone through in recent years.”

“She is really kind and sweet and knows a sh*t ton about trauma. If you are looking for someone who will make you feel welcome and safe and is just, like, a nice, non-threatening lady, but who still can absolutely handle your sh*t and help you learn to hold it, Jaclyn is your gal.”

“Jaclyn’s big beautiful heart makes her a great therapist. She’s the kind of person you can tell genuinely cares about helping people. She’s constantly working to improve her skill set. Everyone finds her easy to talk to, welcoming, warm, and non-judgemental. Jaclyn chooses her words with care to ensure she is honest and clear, but also kind and considerate. Pick her. She’s the one.”

“Jaclyn is a warm and compassionate therapist with specialized training in treating trauma.”

“Jaclyn is a genuine, empathic and thoughtful person. She really listens to what is said, and not said, and responds in considerate and attentive ways. She is trauma informed in every interaction she has and holds that as a strong value. Jaclyn is also very honest and true to her values and does not shy away from difficult conversations. She is honest yet always thoughtful and respectful.”

“Jaclyn is the perfect therapist for someone looking to start therapy in a friendly, yet comprehensive environment. With discussion, methods, and the space to grow and develop, therapy with Jaclyn feels like “talking to your best friend.” Her engagement, positive attitude, willingness to listen and understand, and authenticity makes a difference in the lives of her clients.”

“Jaclyn is experienced, honest and a very caring therapist. She has a logical, straightforward manner. She’s is very open and easy to talk to. Jaclyn has a very professional manner but is also a warm hearted person that you can relate to.”

“Jaclyn is very competent, accepting, nonjudgmental. Trauma informed.”

“Jaclyn is a very kind and caring person, who listens to your every concern with reflective, considerate thought, and provides reasonable alternatives and suggestions.”

“She looks at the whole person. Your context, she checks her privileges and makes the time to understand the impact of the experiences you’ve been through.”

“Jaclyn is open and honest. She has genuine curiosity, never jumping to conclusions without asking more questions, clarifying, and being open to the response. Jaclyn is approachable and has an ease about her that offers a sense of safety in her presence.”

“You are unique as a therapist because you are a “safe space”. You are not overly clinical or distant – you are compassionate, thoughtful, and supportive. This makes opening up to you as easy as opening up to a friend. It’s clear in speaking with you that you hold no judgement, and that you truly come from a place of love, not obligation. Your skill, combined with this empathy and love makes you the best possible option for a therapist.”

“Very compassionate and well versed in the brain!”

“easy to connect with, non judgmental, understanding, consistent”

“Jaclyn is not only experienced and highly knowledgeable in her field, she also cares and wants to help. Few people are better suited to their professions.”

“Jaclyn is a warm, approachable and gifted therapist. Jaclyn is uniquely attuned to the complex elements of mental health care and can provide a safe space for anyone who interacts with her.”

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