Do I need to be located in Missoula to receive services?
I am able to meet with clients virtually and in person in Missoula. I am licensed in Montana and California so I am only able to work with residents of these two states through telehealth services. Clients located in / near Missoula have the option to meet with me in person in my downtown Missoula office.

What is the cost of therapy?
The fee for service is $150 per 50 minute individual therapy session in-person and through Telehealth. The fee for service is $160 per 50 minute conjoint (marital/family) therapy session in-person and through Telehealth. The fee for group therapy may vary depending on the group and will be clearly advertised. 90 minute sessions may be an option when clinically appropriate, such as EMDR reprocessing sessions. The fee for service is $180 for 90 minute sessions.

Do you take my insurance?
I am not on any insurance panels at this time. Out of network provider services may be covered by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. It is your responsibility to verify the specifics of your coverage. If you do have coverage, I can provide a monthly statement that will contain all information required by your insurance company should you choose to submit for reimbursement.

What forms of payment are accepted?
I accept credit card, ACH bank transfer, and HSA/FSA through my online billing system.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. I will do my best to find another time for you, as my availability allows. If you do not cancel your session 24 hours in advance of your appointment, you are responsible for paying your full session fee.

Will my services be confidential?
All information and your working relationship with me will be held in strict confidence, with a few possible exceptions outlined in the informed consent document that we will discuss in detail during your first session. 

I am under 18 or the parent/guardian of a client who is under 18. How does confidentiality work for minors?
Communications between therapists and clients who are minors (under the age of 18) are confidential. However, parents and other guardians who provide authorization for their child’s treatment are often involved in their treatment. Consequently, in the exercise of my professional judgment, I may discuss the treatment progress with the parent or caretaker. Clients who are minors and their parents are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns that they have on this topic with me.

Can we connect through Social Media?
I take the protection of your confidential information seriously. To this end, I will not accept friend requests from current or past clients on social media. I also will not search for you on social media. You are welcome to follow @haven.counseling.services on instagram, but be aware I will not follow back or respond to direct messages through this platform. Please know that you will have access to confidential communication with me through the Client Portal. 

Have more questions? I offer a free consultation so you can get all of your questions answered before committing to your first session.

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