Adults Healing from Childhood Trauma

Is your childhood messing up your adulthood?

You have been holding yourself together for as long as you can remember. People have always seen you as responsible and sweet, but no one seems to understand the pressure and internal chaos you’re managing on a daily basis as you wait for the next shoe to drop. Despite the near constant anxiety, overthinking, self criticism, and trying so hard to keep those around you happy, it never feels like you’re enough.

Other people make it sound so easy…

People tell you that you should ask for help, say no, and prioritize your needs but sometimes it feels impossible to identify what you need or want, let alone to risk asking for it. You have a sense that your past experiences may be impacting your current relationships. You long for inner calm, rest, and reciprocal relationships but you aren’t sure how to get there, and if it’s even a possibility for you. 

I can help you truly overcome your past

My name is Jaclyn Satre, and I specialize in supporting women who are survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. I can help you feel confident that you can handle what life throws your way without the fear and anxiety. It is possible for you to feel empowered to honor your needs and boundaries without guilt, and to finally dissolve the grip of the past so you can embody the truth of your inherent worthiness.

What does it look like when therapy works?

Together we can compassionately untangle what gets in the way of living the life you long for and to reconnect to a more easeful and authentic way of being in the world. With specialized trauma therapy you can finally resolve the core wounds that have kept you feeling stuck for years and have shown up in the form of behaviors, symptoms, and relationships that are no longer serving you. Therapy will help you reconnect to your inherent strengths and rewire your perspective, so that you can finally find inner calm, self-acceptance, build healthy and mutually loving relationships, and enjoy your life in real time. 

You can heal from childhood trauma with effective trauma therapy

I am trained in many treatment modalities for trauma healing, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) and we can work together to identify your personalized approach given your unique needs, experiences, and preferences. I will collaborate with you to approach your process individually.

Working with me will prioritize:

  • Choice: During traumatic experiences, our sense of agency is taken from us. I will honor your choices including when and if you are ready to work on any trauma or part of the trauma.
  • Safety: A crucial part of healing is helping your brain and body reorient to the present. Your safety will always be my number one priority. If there are threats to your safety in the present, we will start there.
  • Empowerment: You are the expert of yourself and your healing process. I will help you connect to your inherent truth and power. 
  • Connection: No one should have to go through life’s tragedies alone. I strive to be a warm and supportive presence for you, and to help you connect with your true self as well as supportive others in your life.

Looking for some more examples of what you can expect in trauma therapy? Check out my blog post “Being Trauma Informed Means” to learn more.

Feeling ready for change?

If you live in Missoula or anywhere in Montana and California, schedule a free consultation with me to start shifting the patterns that keep you from feeling calm, confident, and connected to your life.

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